How to place an order, and method of payment.

At Solway Dory we manufacture all our own products and sell direct to you. If you need any help in placing an order please get in touch by phone or use the contact form - details are on our contact page.

We do our larger orders on a first come first served basis. If we are busy this could involve a delay but please get in touch with us to find out how long this will be. If you are planning to use your purchase on holiday, for example, please order early so that you are not disappointed. Small orders are usually dispatched within 28 days, but can take longer in busy periods.


We carry a certain number of smaller items in stock which can be sent by return of post.

Please print out and fill in an order form and send it with your details to:

Solway Dory, 2 The Avenue, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6AP.

At the moment we do not have a card facility so please make cheques payable to "Solway Dory".

We can accept bank transfers. Please use the contact form to arrange.

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Sailing Canoes - Complete and Ready to Sail

We only sell our sailing canoes in the UK. We do not ship overseas, although we are happy to sell to European customers who come here to collect. Customers usually collect their sailing canoe from our workshop. We can sometimes deliver in the UK so please phone to get a quote. We require a deposit with the balance to be paid on completion when placing an order for a complete sailing canoe. The deposit ensures your place in the order book. Please contact us by phone or e-mail before ordering so that we can advise on a completion date.

Shearwater Decked Canoe £3,500
Fulmar Decked Canoe £3,200
Little Egret Paddling from  £1,250
Little Egret Sailing from  £1,750

Osprey Trimaran SailingCanoe


Quetico Paddling Canoe from £1800

Rigs and Sails - For Rigging Your Own Canoe

These can be delivered in the UK at the prices below.  At the present time we are not delivering outside of the EU. European customers can contact us for a quote for shipping within the EU.


Sailing RigSail Only
Bermudan 44 sq ft £420.00 £25.00 P&P £200.00 £5.00 P&P
Bermudan 30sq ft £340.00 £20.00 P&P £150.00 £5.00 P&P
Bermudan 14 sq ft £180.00 £15.00 P&P £80.00 £5.00 P&P
Sailing RigSail Only
Expedition Rig 25
£250.00 £20.00 P&P N/A N/A
Expedition 35 Bermudan Rig £340.00 £20.00 P&P N/A N/A


Sailing rig includes: sail, mast, spars, mast foot, mast thwart and rigging but no rudder or leeboard. See below.

Custom fitting your choice of rig

We can fit your rig for you if you can leave your boat at our workshop for one day.

Fitting an expedition rig - £40

Fitting a full  bermudan rig - £100



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pair of outriggers and beam £450 £30
single outrigger £150 £20
Pivoting Leeboard


Leeboard Bracket & Thwart


Leeboard Bracket Only


Expedition Leeboard £80.00 £10.00
Expedition Leeboard bracket and thwart £40.00 £10.00

Rudder & Bolt-On Fitting Kit*



Long Adjustable Extension Tiller & Fitting Kit



Side buoyancy bag, 46ins by 10ins diameter



Package and postage prices are for UK only. P&P on UK orders for multiple items is charged at £40 maximum.

We welcome orders from throughout Europe, please use the contact form to list what you would like to order and we will send you a delivery quotation.

At the present time we are not shipping outside of the EU

* Please specify type of canoe.