Little Egret- from £1750 as  paddling canoe - from £2400 with sailing rig    

Little Egret solo sailing canoe

Little Egret is a solo paddling  and sailing open canoe.

  • Length- 14ft 3in
  • Beam- 30ins.
  • Weight- 45lbs.
  • Built in buoyancy tanks fore and aft
  • Wooden trim
  • Can be supplied as paddling canoe only
  • Can be supplied with Expedition Rig, leeboard and side buoyancy bags.


Little Egret solo sailing canoeLittle Egret solo sailing canoeLittle Egret solo sailing canoeLittle Egret is our lightest and simplest sailing canoe. It has been designed to be a very efficient solo paddling canoe that can also be sailed with our simple Expedition Rig.

We sell it as a paddling canoe, or one that is ready to take a sailing rig for you to upgrade to later. It comes with small buoyancy tanks at bow & stern, and fixing points for end & side buoyancy bags. It has a mast thwart and mast foot and discrete rudder fittings so you can easily upgrade.

To see a video of Greg paddling a Little Egret click here

To see a video of Greg demonstrating capsize recovery click here

We also sell it with our Expedition Rig and Expedition Leeboard. This is our simplest sailing rig and it uses the paddle for steering. We use two bags each side so as to keep the paddling thwart clear. This enables you to kneel in the bilge unimpeded.

We can also supply and fit our standard rudder.

The rig is quick and easy to set up and efficient for sailing upwind. It is easy to take down and stow in the boat, and is small enough to lie in the boat without interfering with paddling.

The narrow beam of this canoe makes it an ideal flat water paddling canoe for the experienced paddler, but may feel a little tippy for the novice