Righting Osprey - Capsize tests for our Outrigger Canoe

OSPREY, Solway Dory's fibreglass outrigger canoe during the righting trial on Windermere. Multihulls can be difficult to capsize and are generally much safer than other small boats but can be even harder to right. We had designed our Osprey as a cruising beach trimaran, with a modest rig size to make it very safe. However we were were also keen to make it possible to self rescue if the unthinkable happened and it inverted.

Ospreyosprey trimaran

It can't be capsized in the normal way, so Steve paddled the boat out upside down.

OspreyOsprey outrigger canoe capsise recovery

A bridle was attached to the forward crossbeam (if it was to be permanently attached it might be better if it was two separate ropes). By pulling and using your weight to sink the stern, which has no buoyancy, it can be righted end over end quite easily. Steve wore a helmet to protect his head as the hull came over, but it happened quite gently in the end and should not normally be a danger.

Osprey outrigger canoe capsise recoveryOsprey outrigger canoe bailing

When it is righted it comes up with plenty of freeboard,so allowing it it to be bailed.